Caroline Gee
Hey there! My name is Caroline and I’m a junior
majoring in cell & developmental biology along with a
slight detour into English. I absolutely love running
up gigantic hills, especially if I can share the pain
with other people 😊. I’m excited to expand running club
and help cultivate a welcoming environment for runners
of all backgrounds! I also (unfortunately) have quite a bit
of experience with injuries, so if you ever want to chat
about physical therapy or rehab, feel free to reach out!

Amir Van Gieson
Hi! I'm Amir and I'm a third year aquatic biology major.
I've been running for about eight years now and have
been with the UCSB Running Club for two years.
Through this club I've made great memories and met
a lot of awesome friends. Hoping I can meet more of
you soon and we can all go for a run!

Sam Solomon
Hello! My name is Sam, and I’m a Fourth Year
Financial Math & Statistics major. I joined
Running Club my freshman year and have met some
of my close friends through it. I’ve found that
running is a great way to maintain a school-life
balance. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Austin Mac
Hello! I’m Austin, and I’m a 3rd year studying
Computer Science and Statistics. I love Running
Club because it’s a great way to meet so many fun
people! In my free time, I enjoy eating ice cream and
hiking. Can’t wait to meet you all!


No fall
practices due
to COVID-19.
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